How We Developed


The Congregational Church started in the a schoolroom in 1869, probably the present main hall.  The main church building cost £3,785, was built in a year and paid for in 2!   It was a large Victorian edifice, with a high roof, giant pipe organ and seating for up to 500 in wooden pews.   A small satellite church was established in Ladybridge Road in 1922, and only reabsorbed in Jan 2003.  Tthe preschool (primary) room was built in 1928 and refurbished in early 2017.   Too expensive to maintain, the spire was removed leaving a stubby tower in 1961.  The Congregationalists  joined the Presbyterians in 1972 to form the United Reformed Church in England and Wales.

Just lost the spire

Surviving WW2, he roof timbers were burnt beyond repair by vandals just after Christmas 1977 and the stone structure was demolished and replaced by a modern octagonal multi-purpose sanctuary opened in 1982.   In the nineties we briefly formed a the South Cheadle Group Pastorate with Heald Green (2nd time since 1948) and St Columba’s (~Handforth, now transferred to the Moslem faith).  For 10 years until JUN 2019, we shared a minister with Bramhall URC.   The church buildings are 150 years old in JUN 2019.

We look forward to the future, guided by God.


The ministers since 1968…

  • Rev Donald S Parbury
  • Reverends David Wilkinson & David Westhead (in the South Cheadle Group)
  • Rev John Mitchell
  • Rev Peter Sharp
  • and Rev Alan Poolton MA (Joint Pastorate with Bramhall)

Sheila Glenton (since left) and Bernie Stevens were trained as Local Leaders to assit the minister and elders, in the spiritual and pastoral direction of the church.

Louise Everett followed Alison Smith (now Reverend…) as Outreach Worker and now we have appointed a Social Enterprise Co-ordinator, Don Philips.  We are currently re-organising our outreach work along community-centred, self-help lines.