The Minister

Rev Dr Marion Tugwood


Rev Brian Jolly


Cheadle Hulme United Reformed Church recently joined 15 other URCs in a Missional Partnership to share mission and resources.  We will be assigned 4 ministers for the 16 and so far can welcome 2 ministers of word and sacrament.  They are Rev Brian Jolly and the Rev Dr Marion Tugwood, both of whom split their time between this partnership and the NW Synod.  We are actively looking for 2 (or more) ministers to join the team of ministers, NSMs, preachers, leaders and elders in this varied and vibrant partnership. 

Contact the secretary to arrange Baptisms, Marriages, Funerals or Civil Partnerships – the latter taking place at our sister church Bramhall URC



Like spokes of a wheel, turning and turning

revolving mankind on the rim of a wheel

does time use man, as a fire that is burning

‘till the wood runs out and there is none left to steal?

Was God cruel or kind , to bind us in time ?

Like fairground ducks all swimming in line.

I follow you, but who follows me?

time shoots us down , one , two , three.

Time, the master that none can fool,

nor ask a pardon , nor break the rule.

Like spokes of a wheel slowly revolving.

The scale of it makes my head swim away.

Who turns the hour glass, and who is controlling

the order of life and my empty days?.

To whom will I account for my wasted time?

To whom will I complain of those ducks – in – line?.

Questions draw nearer to understanding,

still The Master is just as demanding,

none can revoke the sentence of time,

nor can they query their place in the line.

Copyright Rev Alan Poolton January 1986