ADVENT is here

The season of ADVENT is nearly upon us.  Advent, commercially known as Christmas, is a period of expectation and preparation for a ‘coming’ (Latin=advent).  What’s coming?  BABY JESUS of course!

This season in the Christian calendar starts on 1st December (and ends on 24th Dec), and leads up to the celebration of the birth of our ‘founder’, JESUS CHRIST, the son of God.

Many decry the commercialisation of Christmas but this time of goodwill and giving gifts has become an important rest and relaxation holiday in the modern vibrant society we live in.

I imagine the presents are for Jesus, but obviously he doesn’t need them so he lets us give them to others, especially the children.

For our church, and many Christians, it is a busy time with many special services, often lit with candles, partly due to the dark nights but really to remind us that Jesus brings light and joy into our lives.