Ministry Team Growing

Meet Jonnie (and friend)

Joining a Missional Partnership of (now) 15 churches is daunting for our newly qualified minister Rev Jonnie Hill, but he has made a sensible start getting to know first the Steering Group members and then each church’s Eldership, and this alongside becoming familiar with existing issues the churches are shouldering.

Jonnie joins the team including Rev Bob Day, the new Steering Group convenor and the mission mentor post recently vacated by the wonderful Rev Dave Fraser.  There remains at least 1 other “opportunity for ministry” available in the partnership.

Worship is delivered also by a modest list of Lay Peachers and Local Leaders supported by Elders and preachers within most of the churches.  Thankful mention should also be made of a scrattering of  ministers, retired from oversight responsibilities, but often willing to continue to preach on occasions.