Don Philips, is our social enterprise worker, our 3rd paid worker.  He has had some success using the Internet to take our Reformed Church to the local community of Cheadle Hulme, wider into Stockport and further, by making or using Churches Together and other community websites and Facebook pages.  Google Statistics say 1000’s of people now know about our little church.

Don has found the Mayor and council newly awakened to the vastness of voluntary work carried out by faith groups, especially over Covid, so he intends to build a database to gather together and display information on this work done across Stockport which can then be searched like a census.  This will co-ordinate churches, avoid duplication, and critically, enable funding to be directed efficiently in support of the disadvantaged in the community.

Don will do this voluntarily, but we will support by funding the software, the computer program, essential to the task.  We’ll twist everybody’s arms for contributions, inc the council, but we need to start somewhere, so initially, for a year, we will ‘underwrite’ £576/month.  The church has windfall from a manse sale: the money is there for spending on God’s work, not sitting in a bank.