Volunteering for young people

volume volunteering

   Looking for things to put on your CV?            Want experience to impress future employees?

   How about an opportunity to help out in your community?

Many young people are reaching the stage in life where CVs, part-time jobs and University applications are in the forefront of their priorities.  Experience is what gets you places these days, and anything that can be put on your CV and be seen as a positive and attractive trait is always welcomed.

Volume is a means for the young people in our local community to get involved, get volunteering and gain valuable experience. A communication network between Churches in the local area has been established; providing a list of possible events and groups where the organisers would be grateful for extra help.

Whether it’s at weekly or monthly groups, or one-off events, our plan is to provide our local Churches with a group of young people that are willing to lend a hand; and to provide the young people in our area with the opportunity to lend a hand and gain that valuable experience.

Volunteering opportunities include:

  • Scout & guiding groups
  • Special needs groups
  • Working with the elderly
  • Toddler and childrens groups
  • Youth groups & youth work
  • Stewarding and waitressing at concerts & dinners
  • Café work

For more information, and to get involved, contact Don at swannlaneo[email protected] or get in touch through Facebook or Twitter