Ecumenism mainly refers to initiatives aimed at greater Christian unity or co-operation.  These initiatives may be referred to as inter-denominational.

The United Reformed Church is committed to church unity and indeed is itself a product of the union of the English & Welsh Presbyterian and Congregational churches in 1972 (and later the Churches of Christ in 1981, and most recently the Scottish Congregationalists in 2000).  We have a similar governance pattern (using Synods) as the Methodists and have had ‘talks about talks’ with them.  Thus far, partnerships with other churches has worked very well at the grass roots level – all synods have many LEPs.  Local Ecumenical Partners are most usually with the Methodists but examples can be found with the Baptists and the Anglicans.  Cumbria is a District Ecumenical Partnership between the Anglican, Methodists, Salvation Army and the URC and now the Kirk of the Church of Scotland just over the border is co-operating closely.

We are very active with other churches locally as Churches Together in Cheadle Hulme (CTCH)…  see